Terms of Use for TASUKI-JAPAN.COM ONLINE STORE are set up as follows.
(from August 25th 2016)

Article 1 Application and changes of the present agreement

The present agreement is applied for the operation of TASUKI-JAPAN.COM ONLINE STORE (hereinafter referred as “store”) on the English website https://www.tasuki-japan.com/en (hereinafter referred as “website”) which is a part of cultural assets inherited business of Daiichigosei Co.Ltd (hereinafter referred as “operator” or “TASUKI”), and it shall be applied to the operator and users of the store.

The operator shall manage the website and have rights to change the present agreement without any prior notice to users.

Article 2 Users of the website and users of the store

As many users of this website as possible (hereinafter referred to as “users” or “general users”) may communicate with the operator through the website, inspect the content or show appreciation. The store users (hereinafter referred to as “users”) are people who order or already ordered displayed products from outside Japan.

Article 3 Registration of “users”

At the time of the first order the user shall receive “Your Order Confirmation” mail with the user number; it shall be considered the registration. The operator shall manage orders using this number.

Article 4 Cancellation of registration of “users”

The operator may terminate the service without any prior notice to a user and cancel the registration if one of the following occurs:

  • If the operator finds out that the user’s registration was deleted in the past as punishment for the violation of this agreement etc.
  • If the user delays the payment for the service or other inappropriate actions happen.
  • If the user commits one of prohibited actions (Article 5), or violates the present agreement in any other way.

Article 5 Prohibited actions

The user may not commit one of the following:

  • Actions which interfere with the operation of this service, actions which may interfere with other services or there is a risk of it.
  • Illegal usage of credit cards while using this service.
  • Illegal usage of mail address.
  • Actions which cause trouble, loss or damage to other users, third parties or the operator, or there is a risk of it.
  • Actions which violate trademark, copyrights or privacy of other users, third parties or the operator, or there is a risk of it.
  • Actions which violate the law or are offensive to public order or morals, or there is a risk of it.
  • Other actions which the operator finds inappropriate.

Violation of prohibited actions is not mere etiquette violation, but it is considered to be the violation of the Penal Code, Unauthorized Access Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law and people’s Commercial Code, that will result in criminal liability and civil damages liability.

Article 6 Copyright

The user is allowed to use any information provided through this service, without obtaining the permission from the copyright holder, only for private reproduction purposes and may not go beyond the range restricted by copyright law.

If there is an issue between the copyright holder or a third party concerning the violation of this article, the user shall solve the problem on his own taking all responsibility and expenses, without causing any inconvenience or damage to TASUKI.

Article 7 Private policy (user personal information)

Private policy is described by the operator in a separate document.

Article 8 Product sales procedure by TASUKION LINE TORE

➀Please go TASUKI-JAPAN.COM ONLINE STORE and click “Product” page.

②Please select an item and enter the quantity, then click “Add to Shopping cart”.

※The price includes packing and shipping for overseas (Japan Post EMS).
※The price does not include any additional fees that might occur in your country.
※Please see “Terms of use” for details.

③1.In Your Cart

Please confirm quantity and price.
Please click “Continue Shopping” to proceed shopping.
Click “Next” to confirm your order.

④2.Customer Information

Please enter your information (name, address, phone number and email address) and click “Next”.

⑤3.Shipping and Payment

Please click “Choose another shipping address” to change your shipping address and enter a new shipping address.

Please read “Terms of use” and check the box to confirm.

※Please make sure to read “Terms of use” and check the box to confirm. You can proceed to the next step only by confirming the terms of use. Then click “Next” to proceed.


Please click “Confirmation” to review and confirm your order. Make sure your item, quantity, price and your information are correct. (Click “Go back” to correct your order.) Please click “PayPal Checkout” to proceed.

⑦Payment by PayPal only Full payment required in advance

It will show the PayPal payment page.
Please enter your information as required on the page.

You can pay with your credit card via PayPal or pay with your PayPal account.

Visa、Master Card、JCB、American Express、Discover
You can register the following five credit card companies on PayPal: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and DISCOVER.

⑧Payment completed

The message “Thanks for your order” will be displayed when your payment is processed on Paypal. Then the screen will go back to TASUKI-JAPAN.COM ONLINE STORE.

※At this point, TASUKI-JAPAN.COM ONLINE STORE haven’t received your order yet. TASUKI-JAPAN.COM ONLINE STORE only receives your order when your payment transaction via PayPal is completed.

⑨Order confirmation

When your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email to notify you that your order has been received with your ordered item list. It also gives you the estimated shipping date.

⑩Payment confirmation

As soon as the transaction via PayPal is completed, you will receive an email to notify you that the payment has been confirmed. Your order is established based on this notice.

⑪Shipping notice

We ship your item by Japan Post EMS. Once the shipping date is determined, you will receive the shipping notice with the following information.

  • Shipping address
  • Name
  • Shipping company
  • Tracking number
  • Estimated delivery date
  • Order information
  • Total price

Article 9 Establishment of the sales contract

The operator shall establish the contract upon the payment of the receipt as it is stated in the next Article 10.

The content of the agreement is in Payment confirmation issued by the operator.

Article 10 Payment of the receipt

Payment of the receipt for the products purchased at the shop shall be done by Paypal using the credit card under the name of the user.

Payment by credit card is regulated by the conditions of the contract between the user and the card issuing company. If any dispute occurs between the user and the credit card company it shall be solved by the parties; TASUKI shall not take any responsibility.

Article 11 Inspection of products

Product quantity, quality, confirmation to standards and cargo condition shall be checked by the export inspection as a final check.

Article 12 Product shipment and shipping time

Products shall be shipped by Japan Post EMS to locations allowed.
For some countries, EMS is limited to certain areas.
Your order can not be delivered if you live in those areas. Please click below to see those limited areas.
EMS Shipping List of Countries and Areas
The shipment shall be done after the payment was confirmed with a notice to the user about the shipment time.For the delivery date refer to the website of Japan International Post EMS:
List of Delivery Days (EMS: Tokyo) ※We ship your items from Tokyo, Japan

Article 13 Termination of agreement

Return, exchange or cancellation is not possible after the payment was confirmed.
The buyer may terminate the agreement for one of the following reasons:

  • If the user violated this agreement
  • If information about the credit default is received from the credit card company (Paypal) used by the user.
  • If information which causes doubts about the paying ability of the user was revealed.
  • If the product is out of stock and cannot be delivered.
  • If the delivery address is not clear or the product is not received for a long time.

Apart from the reasons above, if upon using the service inappropriate or illegal actions happen, the buyer may terminate or change the conditions of this agreement or take any other appropriate actions.

Article 14 Claims

All claims concerning not receiving products, receiving different products or damaged products shall be sent to the seller within 2 week time by e-mail.

The e-mail address is: info_tasuki@daiichigosei.co.jp
In case of different or damaged products pictures of the products are required to be sent.

All claims by the buyer must be solved honestly at a possible degree by the seller.

Article 15 Suspension of service

In order to maintain the operating status of the service well, if one of the following items () is applicable, TASUKI may suspend the whole or part of the service without prior notification to the user.

  • If it is required for routine maintenance or emergency maintenance of the system
  • The operation of the system is difficult due to fire, power failure, interference by a third party etc.
  • Other reasons when TASUKI finds it necessary to suspend the operation of the service.

Article 16 Other Disclaimers

TASUKI shall fulfill its obligations in sending the notifications to the user upon the registration to the registered e-mail address concerning the delivery of products, information about purchase, time of the delivery to the location specified by the user.

No matter what are the causes of claims, upon using this service and products sold at this service, TASUKI shall take no responsibilities for any damage, loss or drawbacks of products other than described in the previous article.

TASUKI shall take no responsibility in case of any loss by users who were not able to use this service.

TASUKI shall not be responsible for any wrong information provided by users at the time of registration while operating the service using this information.

No matter what are the causes of claims, upon using this service and products sold at this service, TASUKI shall take no responsibilities for any damage, loss or drawbacks experienced by users.

If any user experienced damage caused by actions of another user or a third party upon using this service, this user shall solve the issue taking all the responsibility and expanses without causing any inconvenience to TASUKI.

All expenses to use this service such as PC, Internet router, its fees, Internet and telephone fees, LAN fee or application fee shall be responsibility of the user.

Article 17 Other

General means of communication between TASUKI and the user shall be e-mail.

If issues concerning the use of this service which cannot be solved by this contract occur between the user and the operator, such issues shall be solved by honest discussion.

If the user violated this agreement by not paying the receipt or by any other means and damage obligation occurs, and to deal with claims TASAKI used a lawyer, all the attorney fees shall be paid by the user based on the attorneys’ fees regulations.

Article 18 Force Majeure

If any reasons which the seller cannot control occur such as natural disaster, government revolution or deterrence, war or a state of war, or other, and the seller activity is interfered directly or indirectly, for instance shipping was disabled or fulfillment of the agreement was delayed, the operator shall not take any responsibility. In this case, if shipping was delayed or there was a request from the seller, part or all of this Agreement shall be terminated.

Article 19 Arbitration

All disputes or differences in opinion coming from this agreement or related to it in between the parties shall be solved by arbitration in accordance with the Japan Commercial Arbitration Association commercial arbitration rules in Japan. The arbitral decision shall be considered final and restrain the parties.

Article 20 Governing Law

Potency, interpretation and implementation of all matters in this agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan.