We are…

A company that handles various products related to cultural heritage, from excavational investigation to organizing, preserving, storing, exhibiting and experiencing. Many products were invented through discussions with our business partners. We offer almost everything that is necessary for cultural heritage handling.

Our strengths

Daiichi Gosei takes pride in being the leading company in the field of Japanese cultural heritage and artifacts. It is not a stretch to say that no one has ever worked with artifacts without encountering our products. For many years, our product has served the field. Our original product, the Mako (Bamboo Profile gauge) has become common among specialists in the field nationwide, and is a required tool for students entering the study of archaeology. Our pedestals for displaying earthenware are used in various museums among the nation. We have served more than 3,000 clients from authoritative museums, archive centers, institutions, and other private companies for 40 years. Our operations are currently expanding overseas to Korea and France.
Our original products which were developed together with our clients and our proven history of reliable product sales are our strengths.Our strengths

From the president

From the president

Daiichigosei, a master in cultural heritages
Daiichi Gosei celebrates our 40th anniversary and is proud to always be a frontrunner as a manufacturer of artifact-preserving products.
There were no such tools for artifact preserving when we started, and thus, we have had endless discussions with our clients, developing each product hoping it to serve them best.
Now, we have become a company of creativity and popularity in the field of cultural heritage.
With our long history and achievements, our mission is “To light the heart of as many people as possible with culture and cultural heritage.”
We believe that the richness of the heart is what solves problems and issues, and we are here to serve and improve our society by inheriting the culture and its artifacts.
Ryoko Kono