Our GW Holidays’ shut down schedule
We would like to inform you that Golden Week will be coming soon. The Golden Week is a consecutive national holidays in Japan that is from the end of April to early May. Please be informed of our GW Holidays’ shut down schedule as follows: Shut down from April 29th to May 6th We apologize for your inconvenience during this period.

Notice of delay or suspension of product delivery due to spread of novel coronavirus infection.
Regarding the shipment of products from this site TASUKI ONLINE STORE, EMS of Japan Post Co.,Ltd., logistic company, has delayed or stopped the shipment to some countries and regions for a while since Thursday, 2nd April , because the transportation route has been interrupted due to the large decrease in the number of flights caused by the spread of the novel coronavirus infection. In addition, there is a high possibility of delays in the delivery of air freight to countries and regions where cargo acceptance has not been suspended yet. Please note that even if you make a payment, there is a high possibility that you wait until the product…