We will be presenting our products at EAA(Europian Association of Archeologists) in Maastricht.

EAA URL:http://eaavilnius2017.lt/

Our booth schedule:
8/31(Thu) 08:00-18:00
9/1 (Fri)    08:00-17:30
9/2(Sat)   08:30-15:30

MECC Maastricht Expo foyer boothNo.28

MECC Maastricht Expo foyer boothNo.28
6299 GV Maastricht-Netherland

Access to Maastricht URL:

We are showing Mako (measuring device for artifact shapes), measuring scales and more.
Please stop by our Daiichigosei booth at EAA.

We never know how busy we might get at our booth, but we'd like to make sure to answer all your questions.
Please fill out the form below to make your appointment with us. We reserve the time and will be waiting for you at our booth.
We will contact you via email soon to discuss a convenient meeting time for you. We look forward to talking with you there!

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