Do you know Egypt of Memphis and its Necropolis, the Pyramid Fields from Giza to Dahsur? In 1979 it was registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO. This World Heritage Site consists of city ruins of Memphis, and the cemetery ruins in the west coast of the Nile on the other side of Memphis. Totally there are 7 World Heritage Sites of Egypt including this.

Memphis was the capital of Egypt Old Kingdom era. In Giza, located 8 km south of Abu Rawash, there are three of the pyramid of 3 Pharaohs of the Fourth Dynasty of Egypt Menkaure, Cheops and Khafre. These three pyramids are called as Three Major Pyramids and considered to be the most magnificent and prominent pyramids. Due to their relatively good preservation condition, this area has been visited by tourists from all over the world. Among them is the largest thing of Khufu of height 146m. Great Sphinx of Giza staying in this position to protect the approach of the Pyramid of Khafre is also included in this ruins.

Great Sphinx of Giza is a huge Sphinx image on the Giza plateau. It is thought to have been built in 2500 BC. Overall length is 73.5 meters, total height of 20 meters, and the size of the scale is overwhelming the people witnessing it. The statue, which was carved out from the monolith, is the largest one in the world. Although the Great Sphinx has been damaged many times through the history, each time it was repaired and arrived at the present time.

This heritage is as a masterpiece representing the creative talent of the human race and is an evidence of a civilization that is testimony to the prosperity of the past. This is an important cultural heritage that helps us to understand the history of Egypt.