Do you know the Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima, Hiroshima Prefecture of Japan? In 1996, it has been registered as a World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Registered assets of Itsukushima Shirine is a group of building and forest area including Mount Misen at the back. Itsukushima Shrine is an architecture that tells Japan own culture. The entire island that forms a cultural landscape has been highly evaluated. The registration area of component assets are 431 hectare. Buffer zone across the island to protect it is 2,634 hectare.

In the 12th century, the foundation of the main shrine groups of Itsukushima Shrine were formed by the building of Taira no Kiyomori. Located on the sea, it has a unite background scenery of island and mountain and one of the Heian period representative assets that show Taira no Kiyomori’s achievement. The main shrine group of Itsukushima Shrine is to worship the nature and mountain etc. as the object of worship and Yohaisho (place to bow in the direction of the shrine) was placed in the bottom. It is one of the development form of the main shrine building in Japan. The scenery of the building group that unite with the surrounding natural environment becomes aesthetic value and first reference for the subsequent Japanese. It is an important cultural heritage in understanding the spiritual culture of the Japanese.