Tasuki brand Memeasurement scales are perfect for creating accurate drawings based on detailed measurements!! The scales of Tasuki brand are essential tools in Japanese archeology research.For reporting the analysis, creating drawings with actual size data is necessary.

This scale makes it easy to get the outlines of the artifacts.

It shows you the reference points to draw the object outlines. It also gives you the detailed sizes.It is very important to analyze artifacts to learn what those objects were and how they were used.The scales of Tasuki brand provide highly accurate measurements.

What is measurement work?

The archeologist examines and measures the artifacts in a lab for example the patterns and sizes.And then creates drawings of the artifacts based on the measurements.

Point of Memeasurement scale

Tasuki brand scale has a secure and solid setting and provides precise measurements using
two vertical rulers and multiple probes, which can achieve more stable and accurate reading.


The scale comes with magnetic probes. The end point of the probe is pointed so it can hit the exact point you want to measure.


No more inconvenient measurements with triangle rulers!

The conventional way to measure artifact sizes such as taping two triangle rulers are very time consuming and inconvenient. Because those rulers are so light that they tend to slide away or the tapes come off while measuring. Also because of the shape, it gets harder and harder to measure taller objects because the marks on a triangle ruler get shorter on the top. But Tasuki scales can solve all those annoying problems. It will provide quick, secure, solid and objective measuring.



Measurement Scale Series